Ms. Kristy Lindsay, Head of Student Services, Guidance Counsellor/Teacher, Surnames A-L (ext. 32021)

Ms. Mary McKnight, Guidance Counsellor/Teacher, Surnames M-Z (ext. 32020)

Mr. Christian Harrington, Head of Specialized Services, support for students with IEP’s (ext. 32031)

Community Service Hours & Employment Opportunities

There are lots of opportunities to complete the required 40 hours of community service before graduation.  If you need ideas, check the website or come to guidance.  Employment opportunities are also posted in Guidance.


Grade 8 Transition Questions?

Check out this new website from TLDSB


Bullying – Sexting

Are these issues that you are dealing with? 

If so, check out this website for ideas on how to deal with them.

 Check out this great website for youth.