Specialized Services (formerly Special Education) Head at FFSS: Sherry Telford; sherry.telford@tldsb.on.ca; 705-887-2018 x32019


For information about:

Special Education in TLDSB and for resources, please see here.

Accessibility in TLDSB, please see here.

TLDSB’s Special Education Advisory Committee, please see here.


For a list of some Assistive Technology that students could potentially access at home and/or at school, see the following four slides from a presentation done by TLDSB’s Special Education Assistive Technology Team: Assistive Technology 2016


If you are in grade 12 and hope to take your IEP to College or University, please see Ms. Telford and the following link to answer questions you may have: http://www.transitionresourceguide.ca/