How we do business here at FFSS…

General Behaviour and Conduct – respect self, others and community.

20 Minute Rule (Hall passes) – students are to remain in class for the first and last 20 minutes.  For the middle 35, students are permitted to leave, one at a time, with a hall pass.

Cell Phones – when classes are on, cell phones are off!

MP3/iPods – teachers can determine the parameters for this in their own classes.

Coats and Backpacks – are to be left in lockers.

Hats and Hoods – not to be worn in the school.  Students may wear hats in shop portion of a tech class only if permitted by the teacher.

Late to class – teachers will handle this on an individual basis with chronic offenders being referred to the office.

Attendance – attendance = success.  If you are away, have a parent or guardian contact the school at 705-887-2018 the day you are away OR notes must be provided to the office upon your return.  Truancy will be dealt with by the Vice Principals.

Inappropriate Language – there is no place for swearing or any use of offensive language in this school.

Displays of Affections – show respect for yourself, your partner and others.

Identification – students must identify themselves to anyone adult in this building who asks.

Dress Code – dress appropriately for the business of school.  Students should not be wearing clothes that promote violence, drugs, or hatred. Undergarments should not be visible. Appropriateness is at the discretion of school administration.

Smoking Area – students who choose to smoke may do so in the designated smoking area on North Street.

Student with spares…(Must have at least 24 credits) – students are not to be in the hallways.  They are to choose the cafeteria, library or outside and remain there for the entire period.