images This site provides research tools for college programs.  It is also the location for the online college application.
Highly Competitive Programs Follow this link to find a list of highly competitive programs.  Be sure to view the admission requirements for these programs located at the bottom of the page
 College Bound Presentation Oct.  This is a Powerpoint presentation delivered to college-bound grade 12 students
Ontario-map This provides a link to show where Ontario colleges are located
College Bound Fact Sheet This is a copy of the college information presentation given to the students. This site provides links to programs which allow students to transfer from college programs to university programs and vice versa
Ontario College Website Information This provides links to all the college websites
 my_blueprint This is a useful website for assisting students in their high school plans and post-secondary pathway.              (Please contact  Guidance for our school activation key)
 career_cruising A valuable source of information to assist students in researching career choices.                        (Username:  fenelon  Password:  falcons)