FAQ’s About Semester 2

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Fenelon Falls Secondary School – FAQ’s About Semester 2 

How does a semester schedule work?

In a semester schedule students have four different subjects for 75 minute classes a day.

Day 1 (odd # calendar days) EX: Feb. 11, 13, 15

Class 1Class 2LUNCHClass 3Class 4

Day 2 (even # calendar days) EX: Feb 10, 12, 14

We call this the “Flip Day”                                                          

Class 1Class 2LUNCHClass 4Class 3

Do students get lockers?

YES! – On Feb. 7 (first day of second semester) your teacher will assign you a locker.  These lockers will be located close to your period 1 class.

Do students need a lock?

Grade 9 & 10 students – a lock will be provided to you

Grade 11&12 students – please bring in the lock you received in Gr. 9/10.  If you forget your combination, please contact the office.

New Students/Students who lost their lock  – report to the main office

Where can students eat lunch?

  • Outside or in your 2nd period class
  • Students may not eat their lunch in the halls by their lockers and masks need to be on at all times in the hallways
  • Students may socialize in the cafeteria with a mask, but may not eat or drink in the cafeteria

How do students change their semester 2 timetable?

  • Please email your Guidance Teacher or make a Guidance appointment
  • Spaces in classes are limited
  • Students may change their timetable up until the end of the day on Friday, Feb. 11/22.  No changes to timetables will be made after this date