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August 31, 2018

Dear Parent/Guardian:

I would like to take this opportunity to welcome you and your son/daughter back for another exciting year at Fenelon Falls Secondary School.  Classes will begin on September 4th at 8:10 a.m.  Student are to report to the cafeteria to check the alphabetical lists to find the location of their first period.  Timetables cannot be picked up before that date.


We post all important events and information on our calendar, which can be seen on our website at http://ffs.tldsb.on.ca/.  The school’s Twitter and Instagram feeds @FenelonFallsSS give great insights into events and student life and can also be seen on our website, so please follow us!


We do our best to promote academic excellence. Teachers will be giving assignments with clear expectations and success criteria to guide student learning. During the learning process students will be given feedback relating to the success criteria. Learning will be assessed using tests, labs, written reports, student products, demonstrations, as well as through conversations and observations.


We also strive to create and maintain a positive school climate.  We will be promoting a philosophy of Feed All Four again this year.  Supporting the mind, body, spirit, and emotions of an individual increases a sense of well-being, connectedness and resilience, and improves student achievement.  Last year we had a number of students who led many of our wellness activities at a school and district level.  We are hoping to continue fostering this student leadership trend. Helping students cope with anxiety and building resiliency skills will be an area of focus this year. Our student service worker Jen Kulz and Mental Health nurse Matt Shafer are also great resources available to all students.


We have a student attending our school with a LIFE THREATENING AIRBORNE PEANUT ALLERGY.  This means that even indirect airborne contact with peanut allergens can cause a fatal reaction.  PLEASE DO NOT BRING PEANUT OR PEANUT PRODUCTS into the school environment.


Our Cashnet program allows all school related fees (ex. field trips, sports team fees, Student Activity Fees) to be paid online.  If you have not already registered, please do so at https://tldsb.schoolcashonline.com.  This link can also be found on our school webpage.


Please ensure that the Student Information Form given out on September 4th is returned with accurate personal and health information to update our School Data Base and to allow our staff to communicate with you via text, email or phone.  The first progress update will be sent home during the third week of October.  This report will focus on learning skills.


The daily schedule will continue to follow a period 1,2,3,4 tumble on day A (odd calendar days) and on day B (even calendar dates), classes will tumble 1,2,4,3.  This will allow easier access to part time supply teachers and will help with aligning dual credit college programs and co-op placements.



We have made the following changes to our facility:


-all the change rooms have been completely rebuild, and should be completed by September 7th

-washrooms are being renovated on the first floor, but are not as of yet completed

-the final section of the roof over North Street is currently being replaced

-a new sound system and viewing screen will be installed for school and community use in the large gym

-the library has been refurbished with new tiles, carpet, and blinds


Our partnership with The Ontario Early Years Center will continue to operate in our school using room 133 during the school day.  If you need to contact the organization, please call their Lindsay Head Office at 705-324-7900 or oeyc.ca. Parking for the Center will be provided in the bus loading zones during their hours of operation.


We will be hosting our first Parent Council Meeting on September 18th at 7 pm in the guidance seminar room.  All parents are welcome to join our Parent Council.  The schedule for upcoming meetings will be found on the calendar which is located on our website once future meeting dates have been established.


If your son or daughter has an Individual Education Plan (IEP), the plan will be updated by mid-October.  If you have any concerns or questions about the revisions to the IEP or would like to meet to discuss the IEP, please contact our Head of Specialized Services Diane Kelly at diane.kelly@tldsb.on.ca, or at 705-887-2018 extension 32031.

Please note that IEPs can be updated throughout the school year as required.  Teachers are already aware of which students have IEPs and the accommodations required for their classes should already be in place.


If your son or daughter will be driving a personal vehicle to school, they must park in the student designated spots in the shared staff/student parking lot without blocking the entrances or exits to the lot.  We encourage all student drivers to drive respectfully in and around the school to ensure they maintain the privilege to park at our school.


This is a very exciting time of year for all of us.  If you have any concerns or suggestions regarding your child’s education here at Fenelon Falls Secondary School, please give me a call.






Ray Este