Wellness Week Activities, Including a Shortened Period Day on Thursday Nov 17th

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Monday- Kickoff assembly during period 3, led by Ashley Weaver
Tuesday- Positive Affirmations posted around school, Forrest Gump playing in library at lunch
Wednesday-No Homework Day, wear blue or green to support mental illness supports, 2nd half of Forrest Gump
Thursday- shortened period schedule, period 1 8:10-9:00, period 2 9:10-9:55, period 3 10:05-10:50
Lunch 10:50-11:50- BBQ in Courtyard, Period 4 11:50-1
Wellness Activities 1-2:30
Activities are by sign-up and sign-up sheets are posted outside room 204. Permission forms are required for skating and mountain biking.
Semi-Formal- 7-11 pm